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Christine Highfill

Mental Health Therapist
Ages: Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults, Families
Licensed: Maryland
Maryland Board Approved Supervisor

Christine Highfill is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in Maryland and a Board Approved Supervisor. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Maryland College Park, while achieving a Minor degree in Spanish Language and Literature. She obtained a Master of Arts in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University, Professional School of Psychology. Christine's journey as a mental health therapist began in the private practice setting before branching out to expand her experience through an out-patient mental health center. This provided her the opportunity to support children and adults alike, offering dedicated and compassionate care to clients with a wide range of mental health concerns from diverse backgrounds. From working in a non-profit providing crisis intervention to providing school-based mental health services, she has successfully navigated a range of challenges and built a wealth of knowledge. Through her Master's internship, Christine worked with individuals experiencing intimate partner violence, igniting a passion for helping women navigate their relationship struggles. With a specialization in postpartum depression and anxiety, she has supported women throughout their journey towards motherhood, from fertility counseling and adoption to perinatal counseling during pregnancy and postpartum periods. Christine brings a wealth of experience and empathy, helping women prioritize their mental and emotional wellbeing throughout every stage of motherhood.

Therapeutic Approach

Christine focuses on creating a supportive environment for you to explore concerns and challenges in your life by working towards solutions and goals with a reflective, dynamic and encouraging professional. Her dedication to helping all clients reach their fullest potential is unwavering. With Christine's expertise, you'll be empowered to embrace change and pursue a more balanced, healthy life. She believes successful therapy is built on a foundation of trust and openness, and she is committed to tailoring her approach to each client's unique needs.

At the core of Christine's therapy practice lies her unwavering belief that everyone deserves a unique approach to healing. She draws on a wide array of proven techniques to ensure each client receives the most effective care tailored to their needs. Christine's compassionate understanding of potential trauma history ensures that clients are empowered to play an active part in their own journey towards successful outcomes. As a therapist for individuals, parents, and families alike, Christine works hand in hand with each client to establish goals that are specific and measurable. Under Christine's guidance and care, healing is possible, at a pace that is comfortable and attainable for the client.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with Christine's therapeutic services. Her goal is to provide you with the knowledge, relief and empowerment that you deserve, while guiding you towards meaningful growth opportunities. It's never easy to take that first step towards seeking help and support, but she is here to offer comfort and compassion as you begin your journey. Start your healing process today!

Therapeutic Modalities

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Areas of Expertise

  • Depression

  • Relationship Issues

  • Grief and Loss

  • Postpartum Depression

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Developmental

  • Anxiety

  • Behavioral Issues

  • Life Transitions

  • Self Esteem

  • Anger Management

  • Mood Disorders

  • Parenting

  • Coping Skills

  • Peer Relationships

  • Stress

  • Social Anxiety

  • Bi-polar Disorder


  • Family Conflict

  • School Issues

  • Women's Issues

  • Mindfulness

  • OCD

Advanced Trainings & Certifications

  • Perinatal Mental Health Certification (PMH-C)

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Eating Disorders and Body Forgiveness

  • Trauma-Informed Care for Children and Adolescents

  • Counseling Transgender Children and Teens

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